nuestra-empresaFrancor was founded in Mexico City in order to meet the needs of the industrial sector related primarily with construction, electrical installations, specialized industrial maintenance, engineering development, industrial measurement, structural certification, maintenance of electrical substations , power quality and infrared thermography studies, structural design and maintenance of roofs.

We serve with excellent results national and transnational industries of different sectors as metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, personal care, plastics and chemicals among others. We have extensive experience to support you with projects related with construction, industrial facilities or specialized maintenance, we adapt to your needs and can handle different hiring schemes such as unit price, fixed price, guaranteed maximum price, fast-track construction, etc.

In urgent projects, we can work in parallel with permits, engineering development and the execution of the work. We have specialized personnel for design and development of the detailed engineering for costing the Project, for the execution of… works and for the supervision of the specialized aspects of quality and safety. In all the works we do we assign a multidisciplinary staff with extensive experience and expertise in their area for the proper management of the aspects of construction management, construction supervision, safety and quality supervision and the solution of technical problems that allows the delivery of projects always on time, within budget and meeting the pre-defined quality standards.

Ingeniería, construcción e instalaciones industrialesMission

We are an industrial engineering, construction and installation company dedicated to satisfy our customers by offering the highest standards of quality, safety and service in all the tasks delivered.

Mantenimiento industrial e instalaciones industrialesVision

Be an industrial engineering, construction and maintenance company with a profitable and sustainable growth, recognized within the sector due to the delivery of services with professionalism, quality and safety, offering high added value services that provide an immediate response to our clients’ needs.


In all levels of the organization, our performance is based on the following core values:

  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Dedication
  • Fair Treatment
  • Teamwork

Servicios de Ingeniería, Construcción e Instalaciones industrialesQuality policy

In FRANCOR we maintain a firm commitment to quality to fully meet the needs of our customers by offering, among others, engineering, construction and industrial installations services. The implementation of our quality management system allows us to continuously improve our performance, thus meeting our quality objectives.

Safety policy

In FRANCOR we maintain a serious commitment to safety, health and environment and we support all actions necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees and the integrity of the facilities where we do our work. Protecting the environment is central to our operation so we offer information and the required resources to maintain our operations in harmony with the environment.