Manufacturing and installation of steel structures

estructuras-metalicasDesign, manufacture and installation of steel structures for industrial buildings.
Our structures are designed to fully comply with existing regulations while offering low density and low cost solutions.

Structures for mezzanines, platforms, overhead cranes, walkways, bridges, stairs, pipe racks, etc.

We manufacture structures our workshop with automated welding and cutting equipment, and welding certified processes.

In addition, we perform quality tests using penetrating liquids and ultrasound studies.

The assembly of the structure is done safely, using cranes and articulated platforms.
We also offer sand blast structure cleaning processes, application of primary coating and subsequent application of alkydalic or polyurethane paint.

The design of metal structures is made by a structural certified expert who verifies that the metal structures to be designed comply with current regulations and that the elements of metal structures fully support the efforts and loads to which they will be subjected.