Infrared thermography studies

toma_termografiaInfrared thermography is a useful technique that allows us to measure the infrared radiation generated by objects depending on the temperature they have. The measurement is done remotely with energized or in operation equipment and does not disrupt their operation. It allows us to detect hot spots that may be indicative of a failure. Its main applications are:

Electrical installations: detecting load out imbalances, lose or damaged connections, faults in transformers, and overloads or false contacts in switches, circuit breakers, transformers and capacitor banks.

Mechanical systems: failures in engines, bearings, and equipment in constant motion.

Detection of heat or cold distribution in furnaces or chillers, faulty insulation of boilers, furnaces or pipes, heat or cold leak detection in joints or doors.

Detection of water leaks not visible to the naked eye in slabs, concrete structures or buried pipes.

Our staff has extensive experience in these studies and has level II certification and a calibrated high-resolution thermography camera.

A detailed report is delivered indicating the deviations found and the recommendations to correct them.