Industrial construction / industrial facilities

Construccion industrial 01Construction of industrial plants, office buildings, warehouses, production halls, service areas, restrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, laboratories, roads, parking lots, loading platforms, perimeter walls, foundations for equipment and for tanks and landscaping.

Remodeling of existing facilities, extensions, renovations, adaptations. Construction work for the redistribution of plants and offices in operating sites.

Earthmoving work, construction of concrete floors with steel reinforcement or metal or polypropylene fiber, construction of asphalt roads, construction of plumbing networks, tanks,  foundations for buildings and equipment, manufacture and installation of metallic structure, metal roofing sheets and facades, installation of prismatic domes, waterproofing, architectural finishes, furniture and aluminum doors and walls.

Design and implementation of constructions aimed at saving energy and sustainable resource management.

Soil mechanics studies and structural certifications.