Fire protection, fire detection and fire supression systems

We specialize in fire protection, fire detection and alarm systems, we offer the development of the detailed engineering of the project in accordance with regulations and guidelines established by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), FM (Factory Mutual) and NOM-002-STPS-2010.


We supply and install any component of fire detection, fire protection and fire suppression systems.

At the end of the installation we perform the tests indicated by NFPA to ensure the proper system operation. We guarantee that the engineering work and the facilities will comply with current regulations and will be approved by your insurance company.

sistema-vs-incendioWe supply and install pumping equipment with electric and diesel motor, jockey pumps, pipes and instruments, tanks for water storage, automatic sprinklers, fire cabinets, risers, deluge systems, etc. All equipment and materials are supplied with FM (Factory Mutual) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification.

We supply and install fire suppression systems with gas, powder or foam (Clean Gas HFC-236fa, FM200, 3% AFFF foam, CO2, INERGEN, SAPPHIRE, Ansul R-102, etc.).

Foto 2We supply and install fire alarm and detection systems as intelligent control boards, manual stations, paging systems, sound and light alarms, smoke detectors (heat detection, CO2, temperature, smoke or flame), detectors for CO2, CO, toxic gases, natural gas, LP gas and special risks.
We offer annual maintenance service as indicated by the NFPA. Annual testing of the pumping system are included to validate the proper operation. We deliver a report of each visit indicating the activities made and the results obtained.

We supply and install specialized firewall products and systems that are used to isolate areas and prevent the fire from spreading from one area to the adjacent area through pipes, trays and electrical installation.