Electrical substations maintenance

unoElectrical substations maintenance performed by qualified personnel using calibrated equipment that includes:

In the medium voltage cabinet: cleanup activities of the components, lubrication and adjustment of opening, closing and shooting mechanisms, review and tighten of connections, contact resistance measurement, dielectric tests to bus , contact pressure settings.

In electrical transformers: cleaning activities, physical inspection, Megger insulation resistance measurement, transformation ratio, power factor, cleaning, retightening of connections, nozzle inspection, physicochemical and chromatographic analysis of the oil,  PCB`s analysis, oil treatment (drying, filtration and degasification). Analyses are performed in an accredited laboratory.
In the low voltage distribution cabinet: cleanup activities, operational tests, contact resistance measurement, retighten of connections.

In the ground network: cleaning, inspection, tighten connections and resistance measurement tests are performed.

In capacitor banks cleaning and retightening of connections.

We deliver a complete report with findings, conclusions and recommendations.